NEOCTG 2018 Chili Luncheon

Left to Right: Kevin Lemons, Dan Dillman, Dave Marrison

February 10, 2018.

It was a cold day and a good time to enjoy a chili luncheon with fellow members of the Northeast Ohio Christmas Tree Growers. It’s been more than a few times that the group has met at the Trumbull County Ag & Family Center for their winter meeting. This year Kevin Lemons (NEOCTG Presidennt) organized a meeting for the group with speakers Dan Dillman and Dave Marrison.

After the group business meeting, Dave Marrison took the floor to speak about several topics. His first topic was the Ohio Department of Agriculture requirement for Fertilizer Certification. The new law states farms that fertilize over 50 acres  require a certification for proper fertilizer usage. It is and effort to control  when and how fertilizer is allowed to be applied. Dave mentioned an app that is available to help track when it is appropriate to apply fertilizer in your area because accurate record keeping is required. Fertilizer run-off has become a serious problem in the Lake Erie watershed especially at the western most end of Lake Erie. Check with the Department of Agriculture to learn more. Dave also mention the changes to estate planning. Under the new tax laws the estate tax exemption is now 11.2 million per person until 2026. There have been changes to Worker Compensation protection training with new hires and minors. Equipment depreciation can now be taken over 5 years instead of 7 years. Dan can be contacted through OSU.EDU

Our main speaker was Dan Dillman. He has attended this meeting for at least the last 3 years. He is a wealth of knowledge for weed control, insect control, fungicides, fertilizer and other sucessfull nursery management techniques. He knows the costs and best methods for keeping fields clean and trees healthy. He can be contacted thru Helena Chemical in Evans, City, PA.




Are you searching for a Christmas Tree farm to cut down your real Christmas tree this year? You'll be happy to know the Northeast Ohio Christmas Tree Growers (NEOCTG) is a listing of the best Christmas Tree Farms in Northeast Ohio that offer Choose and Cut your own Christmas Trees. But, NEOCTG is also more than just a website. It is an organization of Christmas tree growers who share and learn from each other. They meet at each others farms throughout the year and share their best methods for producing a quality Christmas tree. NEOCTG members hope that you would support their group by visiting and making a tradition of visiting one of their farms every year and always finding a real tree to celebrate the Christmas Holiday. We sincerely wish everyone a truly happy Holiday Season and hope that we can add to the happiness with a day of family fun at one of our Christmas tree farms.

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