The Family Real Christmas Tree Experience

So many people have grown up with artificial trees. The process of going out to purchase a choose and cut tree may be intimidating to some couples because it is new to them. As Christmas tree growers, we hear the comments all the time. This is our first real tree. How do we keep it healthy? What do we do? Well, we as Christmas tree growers want to help and answer your questions. If you have limited experience and want to learn more about the real Christmas tree experience, you may visit one of the NEOCTG farms in season or there is a easy to read website that will help you to understand the benefits and positive reasoning for sharing the real tree experience with your family.

Please visit to read and learn about some great family Christmas experiences.

Make your next Christmas tree experience one everyone will enjoy.



Are you searching for a Christmas Tree farm to cut down your real Christmas tree this year? You'll be happy to know the Northeast Ohio Christmas Tree Growers (NEOCTG) is a listing of the best Christmas Tree Farms in Northeast Ohio that offer Choose and Cut your own Christmas Trees. But, NEOCTG is also more than just a website. It is an organization of Christmas tree growers who share and learn from each other. They meet at each others farms throughout the year and share their best methods for producing a quality Christmas tree. NEOCTG members hope that you would support their group by visiting and making a tradition of visiting one of their farms every year and always finding a real tree to celebrate the Christmas Holiday. We sincerely wish everyone a truly happy Holiday Season and hope that we can add to the happiness with a day of family fun at one of our Christmas tree farms.